Isotec: The under-tile thermalinsulating system by Brianza Plastica

Isotec system provides 4 functions: thermal insulation, second-stage waterproofing, under-tile ventilation and support for tiles.

Novaglass Leading manufacturer and supplier of flat roofs insulation

Instant green solutions for roofs, walls and ground covering

World’s largest supplier of vegetation blankets for green roofs and instant ground covering as well as pre-cultivated living wall panels.


Premium quality, innovation and sustainability: AVANCIS produces the most advanced CIS solar modules.

Thermal insulation and waterproofing for better quality of life

Our goal is to create a cheaper and healthier way of life with maximum energy and money savings, to change people awareness towards sustainable development and environmental protection, all for the common good of all.

ULMA Ventilated Facades

The most efficient system solution for thermal insulation of buildings.